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Re: Sandalwood

Post by Minh Scent » Mon May 30, 2016 4:45 am

A little bit more about Min-Min here, inspired by Warriortwo. I was sniffing my poppet and testing for a couple days. It is one of the strongest Possets I know. It reminds me of a mainstream perfume (I want to say Angel, but that is wrong...perhaps t is the longevity of it). The featured note on my skin at least the first hour is LEATHER, intense beautiful leather...however it puts me into a huff because it says "three sandalwoods" and by jove, I want my SANDAL! Patience pays because in the final morph of this fume, my dear wood is there in full force! YES!

I was also tickled to see that Summer (Mucha) is a sandalwood scent for Warriortwo. This is one of my "signature" scents, but I consider it a carnation/vanilla /something wonderful blend. Never even was alerted of the sandalwood! No wonder I love it so much!

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