Great Psychiatrist of Babylon

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Re: Great Psychiatrist of Babylon

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I definitely appreciate this scent for the artistry, but boozy notes usually turn burnt on my skin and this was no exception. However, underneath the burnt note (which was actually not at all unpleasant in and of itself -- reminded me of creme brulee and barbeque, for some reason!), I could smell a yummy caramel sugar note. Also, this still lingered and turned SO much better on me after a shower -- a nice dry woodsy caramel with hints of smoke. Very interesting scent, and I'll just have to remember to apply before showers.

EDIT: after a week of aging, this blend has calmed down a lot. It's a lot less smoky, and the rich, dark vanilla/wood notes are much stronger. Reminds me quite a bit of the BPAL ultra-rarity Storyville. It's gorgeous!
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