Holy Holy Holy

This group of Yule scents was inspired by Dante who wrote Il Paradisio and another epic poem about Purgatory. Rich in tone, these are a wonderful combination of the most beautiful musks, fabulous resins, celestial coconuts with ferns, iris, candy, and the sweet imagination which Possets puts in all of their works.

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Re: Holy Holy Holy

Post by katiushka »

I bought a bottle from a lady on eBay last week, and waited around 18 hours after taking it out of the mailbox before applying.

On my skin, the honey and incense combination is a bit cloying - a heady combination with lots of staying power. I wonder how it will smell if applied very sparingly on an extra-cold day outside! If it still doesn't work, I'll see what it will smell like from an oil burner. Something like this is too good to give up on :angel:
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Re: Holy Holy Holy

Post by waxesnostalgic »

Holy Holy Holy was a lot sweeter than I hoped it might be, though it wasn't too sweet to wear. I like it, but it reminds me somewhat of Washington State, the incense and honey part of that scent seems similar. The incense was not too strong or floral, the sort that I prefer. I get a lot of wear time for this one, it lasts all day on me and didn't change much throughout the day.

I'm not sure if I'm just not getting the amber or if it is too similar to the honey for me to pick it out.

I haven't yet tried Midnight Mass, but I now think I really want to try that one and see how it compares.
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